Thursday, February 26, 2009

New ansible

The philotic stream stays the same but the ways to tweak it are numerous and complex. Seems that some full-bore tank geeks (guys with brain enhancements that force them to open their crania and allow their cerebellum, chemically enhanced, to expand into a small tank of sterile solution) (it looks like one of those old Luge helmets) discovered a way to add a layer of subnet to an existing philotic stream, and then abandoned the knowledge. We have figured a way to access this datapipe, and will be using it to pass manufacturing info to the droids from the machines- the droids, having a slighltly higher level of sentience than the machines, can then make some sense of the data they receive and make decisions based on that data.
Yeah, exciting stuff, right? But this is what I do, and it means higher quality parts, and better response time, and less downtime, which is all part of bringing things to the consumer faster, better, cheaper.

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