Monday, April 20, 2009

Why not ask Hank?

Want a job done, they say, give it to a busy person. Certainly, as things go here, I seem to keep getting the new stuff dropped in my lap time after time.

Doesn't bother me so much that they think I can handle any lamebrained thing that comes along, so much as it bugs me that they don't even bother asking anymore. Today I had a new project inserted in me; tech I haven't touched in two years, so I have to come back up to speed, a project some kid has been working on and got called away from, and a big enough system that it will be a disaster when it crashes, which it inevitably will, probably due to bad code, 20,000 lines of which I will have to watch so I can see if there's any gaping safety holes. Only two droids, and all things I'm capable of doing well.

Sometimes it's just nice to be asked, instead of told.

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